April 20, 2024

Hippolyta’s Haberdashery

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As I sat in my office/IT room today at work, looking for something to do (besides work), I realized that I miss composer.  You know… built in cell phone ringtone composer.  For me, composer was better than all the games on all my old cell phones… put together.  Composer = at least a good hour of being occupied.  When I got this new cell, I was super excited cuz it said “composer” under features.   Little did I know, composer now means midi sequencer with pre-set, non-changeable melodic/percussion/bass options.  Eff that.  Bring on the monophonic renaissance.

This past weekend we finished shooting Brown Soup Thing.  Our shooting schedule ended with the big improv-type scene involving four of RTI’s finest (Well, three of RtI’s finest: Geg, Kris, and Wes, and one of RtI’s kind-of-OK-est.) and “the” Joey Guila.  Hopefully, in three months (the projected post-production period)  I’ll be whining to you all about how stupid and ugly I look on screen.  Can’t wait. So.. better start pubbing.

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One thing I would really love right now (besides a real composer on my cell) is health insurance.  I really want to go to a doctor and perhaps get an echocardiogram or something cool like that.  I’d like to be able to buy my meds without spending a notable portion of my paycheck.  Or maybe I should go find another job I hate, but gives benefits cuz they’re such a huge company and it would be real bad PR if they didn’t.  It would be somewhat sad if I just sat here and died because I can’t afford to go the doctor.

I think it’s finally started at this job.  I went on today while at work. One thing I’ve come to realize is that no matter where you work, there’s always gonna be that one idiotic higher-up that makes the workday a trial of Herculean proportions. It’s even worse when they like to pretend like they know what’s up… but the don’t.  Perhaps I just have to learn to deal with this… fuck that.  I suppose I’ll treat this place like all my other jobs… stick around as long as it’s useful to me, then shed it.  Perhaps I’m just not meant to be an employee.

I was reading an article I found from Digg, that spoke of the ongoing boom of the UK man-bag trend.  Apparently some people attribute it to the growing number of gadgets.  I think that’s at least a somewhat worthy assessment.  I say that because it’s probably true in my case…apart from the fact that I’m not in the UK.

It’s like this:  Every time I walk out my door, I do what I call a CWK check. Cellphone/wallet/keys.  (Seems I forgot today because I don’t have my wallet on me.)  You know, the basic necessities.  Sometime during college it became CWKGMHCN, or something.  Cellphone/wallet/keys/gameboy/minidisc player(haha i said minidisc)/headphones/camera/notebook. And Gameboy wasn’t just gameboy… it was the gameboy + games + light + extra batteries, etc.  Hence: I am in need of man-baggage.


I hate Brain Age.  Thanks for the DSlite, look at what you’ve done!  Yes… the DSlite now has it’s own, very esteemed place in my man-bag, next to the GBA NES SP, which I guess isn’t necessary anymore.  But by golly, it still looks so cool.

I call it Emma.

Wes wants a DS.

Congrats to the newly engaged of RtI.  May your engagement be very engaged-like.

Engaged is a weird looking word.  If pronounced differently, it looks like its definition would be, “participating in the act of gagging.”

I’m a bit sad that in a little over a month, our lease ends and our vestige of 371- er, 103 is all splitting up. And that it’s my goodbye to orange county. I guess it really means I’m leaving UCI behind… perhaps for good.  I guess it’s about time.  Well, I guess it’s a bit overdue.  Hah.

5 thoughts on “Hippolyta’s Haberdashery

  1. I do want a DS.
    I want to Tetris-ize my DS.
    like, madly. truly. deeply.

    haha. well, play multiplayer Tetris, i mean.

    hey man, all of RTI is RTI’s finest! You were fuckin’ hilarious during the shoot man.

    damn, what a great feeling those 20 mintues or so we took doing that scene with Beverly Hills’ only straight hairdresser, Joey Guila.

    anyway, fck “the man”
    and keep doin’ your thing, Earl Baylon!

    ooh, and now it is evident that being in
    “Kaba @ UCI’s PCN Skit”
    opens doors and opportunities to be in a film(s)!!!
    and you, my friend, are a prime example of that!

    talk about an incentive to do and be in Kaba’s PCN SKit.

    sorry it’s long…i had too much E-alphabet soup.

    take care, Earl.


  2. yeah, i CWK check … essential… and back when i was a wannabe music journalist, i was in desperate need of a man bag… notebook, camera, voice recorder… man, i need to start writing again. but anyway, your man bag is about as manly as they get… looks like u should have some grenades and detonators and ish in there.

    but yes…it will be sad when we all split our ways… just 3 more weeks for me… u can always visit me and have some wahoos while you’re at it.

  3. Brain age is fun. Except when it tells you your brain is 84 years old. And you can’t figure out basic math functions because you’ve become so calculator dependant.

    And we should play mutliplayer tetris. I’m not liking the fact that it plays mario songs. I miss the tetris monophonic songs.

    Which brings me to the comment about composer. Yes, composer absolutely ROCKED. I wish they still had cool things like that on phones instead of being forced to download a prepackaged part of a song. Bah.

  4. Supernat is a bag of nuts with a side of hot sauce.

    that guy is one bamf on the mic and the stage.

    oh, and i heard that Earl is one B.a.m.f. on the stage too.


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