April 20, 2024

Aspiring Agrippa

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If my life was a book, would you read it?
Would you sit at home on a friday night and read about a boy scout getting airlifted out of the a national forest?
Would you smile as he told you of his first acapella group?
Would you feel a little bad when he had to use a pager/payphone number on his college application?
Would you you care when his family lived in a motel?
Would you feel excited too when he got into the only college he applied for?
Would you read my nigh-nightmare of grammatical innaccuracies?
Would you despise him as he lied about his dreams to everyone… even himself?
Would you find comfort in the fact that he stopped lying to himself?

Or would it just feel like a waste of your time?

And I aint crying I just need someone to listen to me
Can I get some reply get maybe some kind of sign
to let me know that you’re listening to me?
Just from time to time I get lost in my mind

Its hard to find someone to listen to me
My ears were open when you needed some consoling
I’m hoping to hear something besides echoes
Every time I say hello.

Hello, is anybody out there?

-Nothing Boy vs. The Echo Factor – Gym Class Heroes

Who’s that living by Original Tommy’s?

It’s me!  It’s me!

PAHM Closing Ceremonies.

9 thoughts on “Aspiring Agrippa

  1. I’m here and listening. i remember the boy scout story. and i’m kinda still lying about what i want to do later. all i know right now is that i want to find my effing wallet. anyway, i’d be glad to read a book about url. and it would be good enough to make into a movie, even though book to movie adaptations often go awry.

  2. tommy’s?? as in, tommy’s on Laurel Canyon? DID U MOVE AND NOT TELL ME. Anyways. We gotta kick it again, Earl, I’ll buy you and Kris a beer.

  3. Yay, Julie is buying us a beer and it’s in writing!

    Great show last night man. My sister loved it…

    “…I can’t be machine washed, I’M DRY CLEAN ONLY!”

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