May 20, 2024

Pippin’s Prognostication

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Excuse the spontaneity, but I’m about to combust.

Sometimes I feel like I’m gonna lose my sanity on this infernal search of mine.  A search for what?  I don’t know, that’s just it. Well, I suppose you could try to classify this search, to codify it, put it into words.  So what is it, Earl, that you search for?

And despite my best efforts to manifest these feelings into words, I can only produce a phrase slightly less than ambiguous: something more.

I search for something more.

I’m not satisfied with the pursuit of “success” or living “the american dream,” because in retrospect, I’m sure it’ll seem like small beans.  There’s gotta be something more than this. There’s gotta be something that transcends this culture, this society, this point in history… this pale blue dot. And whatever that is, there’s a small part of me that tells me I’m destined for it.

But maybe I’m delusional, again.  Maybe I’ve been watching “Heroes” too much.

I don’t care.

I gotta find my corner of the sky.

4 thoughts on “Pippin’s Prognostication

  1. You and I are very much alike. I’m plagued by the same predicament. Except I haven’t been watching Heroes. I have an idea though. We should become pirates. We’d have to learn proper sword fighting technique. Or at least I’ll have to learn, since I’m not sure how you’d do. And then we’d have to learn how to sail. Then we’d have to steal a boat and then sail it to Florida. By then the Harry Potter theme park should be open, and we’ll make our way to Orlando and work as Universal Studio employees. I don’t think they call them castmembers. And then we’d go somewhere else and build a hut and make a living making fruit smoothies and selling them to tourists. The end.

  2. Travel. Abroad.

    Better yet. Live abroad. It gives you a better appreciation of how much bigger the world is, and how much more there needs to be explored.

  3. thanks for your drunken comment, DL!  hahahahaha.  I’d love to have that letter you started to write me!!!  hehe.  you and jules were AWESOME DLs and I couldn’t have been luckier to have R3 as my discussion family brown year.  you are amazing earl, don’t you forget that!! 

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