June 17, 2024


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Dear Titus,

You weren’t supposed to get yourself all depressed again today. What the hell, man?

Look at you…

…sitting there feeling like the titular character of a bad turn-of-the-milennium Kevin Bacon sci-fi thriller. Haha… I don’t think anyone but you will get that.

Anyway, dude… fuck em. You don’t need that shit. The world has too many problems to worry about. To focus on that little thing seems almost petty.

It’s not even like you even know what’s going on for sure.

I dunno… what are you gonna do about it? Hmmm. What have you done in the past? Bottle it up? Let it boil over? Let the seething rage blind you? Then become passive aggressive? All of a sudden, you’re conveniently “busy” every time an event comes up.  You disappear.

Oh, haha… that is your M.O., isn’t it?

Well, I suppose that course of action hasn’t garnered any negative consequences for you.  Nah, not really.  In fact, it’s probably saved you a couple times.  I mean, what’s the worst that’s happened?  You’ve lost a friendship?  Big deal.  Sometimes, they’re disposable.  Human relationships are transient by nature.  Just as emotions can shift in a matter of seconds, so can relationships.  You said it yourself many a time.

Dude, seriously, sit the fuck up and grow up.  You’ve got alot of work coming up, man.  There’s  a plan to follow.  She ain’t part of it.


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