April 20, 2024

Zink was a Hermit Crab

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It’s 3am again.  I should’ve been asleep an hour ago, but World of Warcraft is addicting.  It’s binary crack.

I’ve been neglecting you again, Xanga.

So, I got a new 10-gallon aquarium for my hermit crab.  When I put
her/him in it, he/she looked pretty happy for a while.  And then
it realized there were no other crabs to play with.  It’s kinda
sad really.  It’s like living in a 3 -story mansion… by yourself.

I should probably get it a companion.

BTW, since it may be rather hard to determine the crab’s sex, I’ve been
stuck between Link and Zelda as possible names.  So, I’m thinking
I’ll just combine the two and call it Zink.  Zink it is.

Work has gotten a smidgen better.  I actually talk to some of my
co-workers now.  I’m even participating in the holiday potluck
(I’m bringing plastic cups) and gift exchange (actually just a scheme
to make someone buy me a Kyser capo for my guitar… hopefully.)

Speaking of work… my MD player has become my costant companion.
Yesterday, however, it spontaneously erased the minidisc that was
inside it.  It’s been doing this alot lately.  It also seems
unable to write songs as well anymore.   I’m kinda saddened by it
all Mickey the MD player (a newly bestowed title) seems to be slowly
chugging down to the end of its usefulness.  Guess I’m gonna have
to get a Dell DJ…

…which means working overtime.

I was gonna make this a post about how dysfunctional my family is, but
then I realized maybe that’s not such a good idea, putting that out for
the entire world to see.  Then, I realized… half the things I do
aren’t good ideas… what’s one more?

Eh, next time.

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